Mayvit WSP

Balanced complex of vitamins and amino acids


Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses, dogs and cats.

Prevention and treatment of aminoacids, vitamins and proteins deficiencies. In stress or convalescence periods. Before and after each vaccination. After antibiotic and antihelmintic treatments. After infectious or parasitical diseases. In newborn animals with low vitality. During moulting. When egg laying begins. Improves production, size and maintains the quality of the egg. In reproductive females, before covering age to improve fertility. Improved feed conversion during fattening, and prevents digestive problems.


Oral powder.

Format: Containers of 1 kg.

Animal species: Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses.

Vitamina A 20.000.000 U.I., vitamina D3 5.000.000 U.I., vitamina E 5.000 U.I., vitamina B1 5,00 g, vitamina B2 10,00 g, vitamina B6 5,00 g, vitamina B12 30,00 mg, vitamina C 50,00 g, vitamina K 1,30 g; ácido fólico 2,00 g; nicotinamida 12,00 g; pantotenato cálcico 10,00 g; inositol 15,00 g; alanina 6,62 g; arginina 6,25 g; ácido aspártico 9,00 g; ácido glutámico 15,75 g; bitartrato de colina 50,00 g; cistina 1,50 g; fenilalanina 4,87 g; glicina 30,00 g; histidina 2,12 g; isoleucina 4,75 g; leucina 8,00 g; monoclorhidrato de lisina 51,87 g; metionina 206,25 g; prolina 5,25 g; serina 6,75 g; tirosina 3,12 g; trreonina 5,37 g; valina 7,25 g.

Oral administration.

  • In water: 1 g/4 liters of drinking water during 5-7 days.
  • In feed: 1 g/2 kg of feed during 5-7 days.

Not required.




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