Laboratorios Maymó, S.A.

European Pharmaceutical Laboratory specialising in Animal Health.

Company with over 85 years of history, developing, manufacturing and commercialising pharmaceutical products, additives and biocides for veterinary use.

The manufacturing plant is located in Barcelona (Spain) and complies with strict European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, for the manufacture of medicines in injectable form (B-Lactams and non-B-Lactams), oral solutions, oral powders and medicated premixes (B-Lactams and non-B-Lactams).

Maymó is also a manufacturer of additives for veterinary use, duly authorised by the European manufacturing standards (Alpha Number).

Maymó products are commercialised in various countries in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, with the reputation of EU quality products.

For all these reasons, Maymó is at the forefront of the veterinary sector, with its offering of products and services.