Maymoxi 10% Premix

MAYMOXI 10% premix

Maymoxi 10% Premix

Amoxycillin (trihydrate) 100 g/kg


Pigs: Prevention and treatment of respiratory infections caused by Streptococcus suis sensitive to amoxycillin in weaned pigs.


Medicated Premix

Formato: 25 kg

Especies animales: Pigs.

Amoxycillin is a broad spectrum ß-lactam antibiotic belonging to the aminopenicillin group. Amoxycillin has a time-dependent bactericidal activity and acts against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Its mechanism of action consists on the inhibition of the biochemical synthesis processes of the bacterial wall.

Oral administration, to be added to the feed.

Pigs: 20 mg of amoxycillin/kg b.w./ day (equivalent to 2 g of Maymoxi 10% Premix 10 kg b.w./day) for 15 days.

Meat: 8 days.


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