12 November, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility: collaboration in Mozambique

Created in 2018, the main objective of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of MAYMÓ group is to support different projects in the agricultural sector.  Thanks to this program, the company wishes to share its corporate values of honesty, commitment and humanity, as well as to support projects of interest, which could not move forward without additional resources.

Escola Profissional Familiar Rural (EPFR) de Mecubúri is an agricultural training school situated in Mecubúri, Nampula, a region with mainly rural population. An important part of the kids stops studying after elementary school, or even before. The EPFR offers to teenagers a 3-year technical training allowing them to continue their education in a proximity school.

MAYMÓ participated with the Computer Lab at the EPFR de Mecubúri with a donation of pen drives for students and teachers. We are proud of the great job done at the school and its commitment with the local community. We hope to have contributed to the project and to have some impact on motivation and learning skills of the students.