20 May, 2019

Approval of the second National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance (PRAN)

On March 4, the second National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance (PRAN) 2019-2021 has been approved. Health and Agricultures Ministries are involved in the PRAN, as well as the Spanish Medicine Agency (AEMPS).

The main activities within the new PRAN will pursue the first strategic working plan (2014-2018). The objectives are to reduce antibiotic consumption and to decrease the need of antibiotic treatments in both human and animal health. The PRAN is based on the “One Health” approach, with several actions in the areas of human health, animal health and environment.

The most important activities in animal health include: improvement of vigilance of consumption of antibiotics for veterinary use ESVAC project), improvement of resistances vigilance and implementation of REDUCE programs, aimed to promote prudent use of antibiotics in livestock.