Improving animal health by means of a responsible philosophy

Starting in 2018, Maymó’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme aims to support projects in the agricultural sector. Through this programme we attempt to strengthen our corporate values of honesty, commitment and humanity, while helping in projects of interest which could not continue to advance without additional resources.

We would like to actively cooperate in projects in the agricultural sector by means of sustainable commitment.

The Escola Profissional Familiar Rural (EPFR) in Mecubúri is an agricultural training school for young people in the Nampula area (Mozambique), a province with a mainly rural population. A good deal of the children leave the school when their primary education finishes, or even before this. The EPFR provides basic technical training for adolescents and enables them to go on studying at a nearby school. Maymó cooperates with the EPFR as part of its CSR programme.