6 July, 2020

PHYTOCEE, adaptogenic complementary feed

PHYTOCEE is a phytogenic feed with adaptogenic properties, a new concept that helps the animal to adapt to stress, improving its resistance and responsiveness to the environment.

Thanks to a unique formulation based on 3 plants (Emblica officinalis, Ocimum sanctum and Withania somnifera), PHYTOCEE acts at three levels: adaptogenic –allows greater resistance against stress-, immunomodulator –maintains the efficiency of the cellular immune response- and antioxidant –protect from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. PHYTOCEE does not contain any type of excipient.

PHYTOCEE is marketed in 25 kg bags for its administration in feed.

With this new launch, Maymó expands its portfolio of natural products, Natural Solutions by Maymó, a range offering complementary alternatives to the use of antimicrobials.