API-Bioxal 886 mg/g

Oxalic acid


Treatment of varroasis (Varroa destructor, Apis mellifera parasite).


  • Powder for use in hives.
  • Format: Bags of 35 g, 175 g and 350 g.
  • Animal species: Bees (Apis mellifera).

Oxalic acid dihydrate 886 mg (equivalent to 632.70 mg anhydrous).

Use in hives.

A) Method of administration by trickling:
Mix the powder with the indicated amount of syrup  (water and sugar 1:1 ratio) until dissolved. Solution concentration: 4.2 % m/v oxalic acid in 60 % m/v sugar syrup (a bag of 35 g in 500 ml of sugar syrup reconstituted with 308 ml water and 308 g sugar).
– Bag of 35 g: dissolve in 500 ml syrup (treatment for approximately 10 hives).
– Bag of 175 g: dissolve in 2.5 l syrup (treatment for approximately 50 hives).
– Bag of 350 g: dissolve in 5 l syrup (treatment for approximately 100 hives).
Up to two treatments a year (winter and/or spring/summer).

B) Method of administration by vaporization:
UUse an electric device for vaporization. Fill the vaporiser reservoir with 2.3 g of the veterinary medicine. Place the device at the entrance of the hive under the bees, avoiding contact. Seal the entrance to the hive to prevent smoke and bees from escaping. Turn on the vaporizer for 3 about minutes, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and keep the hive closed for 15 additional minutes. Let the vaporizer cool down and clean it after use to remove any possible residue. Dose maximum: 2.3 g per hive in a single dose. One treatment per year.

Honey: 0 days.