Procaine Benzylpenicillin + Dihydrostreptomycin


Treatment of bacterial infections, postoperative and / or secondary to viral infections caused by bacteria sensitive to the association such as:

  • Cattle, sheep and goats: Cutaneous abscesses, Actinomycosis, podal disease, Arthritis, Anthrax. Leptospirosis, Mastitis, Metritis, Pneumonia and bronchopneumonia.
  • Pigs: Arthritis. Abortion (Brucella, Leptospira and other bacteria sensitive). Leptospirosis. Erysipelas, Pneumonia and bronchopneumonia. MMA syndrome.
  • Horses: Metritis. Pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and Strangles (Adenitis equorum).
  • Dogs: Arthritis. Genito-urinary infections. Pneumonia. Tracheobronchitis. Peritonitis.


  • Injectable suspension.
  • Format: Vials of 100 mL and 250 mL.
  • Animal species: Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and dogs.